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Providence Tower

The Providence Tower is a 44-storey 136m high residential tower at New Providence Wharf, Blackwall, London.

Providence Tower, an exclusive Balfour Beatty project, is currently host to Guardior’s security services. Working alongside Guardior for the last couple of years, and involved with the head company since his early days in the industry, John Wagoli is now the Day Supervisor at Providence Tower.

As part of his daily role John is in charge of inductions, deliveries, and welcoming officials. Day Supervisor,  John Wagoli commented that he has learnt so much by working in the security and construction industry, especially with the fantastic partnerships he has been a part of - “… everyone is friendly and familiar around site, the team know and stick together…”. 

Royal Wharf

Royal Wharf is a prestigious development that will be comprised of homes, parks, shops, bars and a new high street - one of the major developments around the booming Royal Docks of London.

Guardior has the privilege of providing security services – such as 24hr manned security, Dog Handlers and security systems - to Royal Wharf, developed by Oxley and Ballymore.

One of the Guardior Security Guards at Royal Wharf is Sami Gebereyesus, who is involved with the authorisation of individual’s onto site and the overall security of the premises. He explained that the best part of being on this site in particular, including previous SIA training, is meeting the needs of the personnel and the client, and as for the Guardior management he praised “…they really look after us…”.

Guardior Redefines Security Service

Our latest addition to The Munnelly Group places a renewed focus on flexibility

The security industry is changing. Everything, from the way it is perceived to the manner in which it functions, is evolving so it is vital that we also keep pace with these developments if we are to remain competitive.

To this end, Munnelly Security has undergone a major re-branding recently and is now known as Guardior Security; which sports a new core identity and faces an advanced set of challenges.

Whilst we have been a key player in securing major projects all over the country for many years, Guardior will also be concentrating on expanding our corporate client base along with the provision of varied security support services including front of house, security systems, key-holding and mobile patrols.

Guardior will continue to protect the reputation of some of the biggest names in construction but, with a new sales team and an experienced operational group, we hope to build on this and establish ourselves as a real one-stop shop for all of our clients’ security needs. 

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