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For the last fourteen months I have been a Guardior Security Guard on site, and am in control of inductions, finger print scanning for security systems and site access. The highlights of this position are meeting new people, getting to know my colleagues, and the variety of the role. As for the management and colleagues involved they have treated us well and it is a really nice team to work with.
Cartwright Gardens - Frank Owusu
Since 2011 I have been a part of Guardior and our parent company, and am now a Security Guard at Goodman's Fields. With SIA training and upskilling my role involves, control access, inductions and dealing with any request as they come in - with Guardior every day is different.
Goodman's Fields - Ali Salad
I am one of the lucky Guardior Security Guards to be working on this particular site, my responsibilities include, turnstile operation, fingerprint recording, and delivery management. My favourite part of the day on site is welcoming the clients and working with the team, everything is going great, there are no complaints here.
Langley Park Hotel - Irina Pohl
Catalin Firtala, who we brought on as a Security Guard under Guardior by Berkeley, is a friendly face on site. He knows how to diffuse situations when they arise, and is very punctual. Catalin has never let us down.
Saffron Square: Paul Dunnett, Berkeley Project Manager
I'm in charge of inductions, deliveries, and welcoming officials - I have learnt so much by working in the security and construction industry, especially with the fantastic partnerships I have been a part of. Everyone is friendly and familiar around site, the team know and stick together.
Providence Tower - John Wagoli
As a Guardior Security Guard I am involved in the authorisation of individual's onto site and the overall security of the premises. The best part of being on the Royal Wharf site in particular, including previous SIA training, is meeting the needs of the personnel and the client, and as for the Guardior management they really look after us.
Royal Wharf - Sami Gebereyesus
I was brought on as a Security Guard under Guardior by Berkeley. This involves admin duties, turnstile operation and authorisation, as well as inductions. My favourite thing about this role is the busy days and working with the team on the project.
Saffron Square - Catalin Firtala
I have been working alongside Guardior for a couple of years now, and as a Security Guard I am responsible for security procedures such as CCTV management, perimeter patrol, and site access authorisation. Whatever we need is provided, problems are sorted quickly, and there is great support from Management.
BAM Plot B6 - Jonathan Antubam
You can't fault Jonathan Antubam, our Guardior Security Guard, he's got great presentation, is punctual and never rude. We've gained a lot by having him on site.
BAM Plot B6: BAM Site Manager Steve Phillips
We have employed Guardior's security services, and as part of their duties on site, Guardior Security Guards man entry points and undergo Datascope training. Being well presented and having good communication skills is key to this role.
Campden Hill: Dave Faunch, Site Manager at Brookfield Multiplex
Working for Guardior as a Security Guard I am part of the team that provides 24/7 security to site, control point operation, and am front of house to the project. My favourite part of this role is doing inductions, greeting and issuing cards, and representing both companies as front of house, it's a very important part of the job.
Greenwich Peninsula - Joel Ifediora
As a Guardior Security Guard I am one of the team members responsible for the site security. Operating CCTV, turnstiles and doing patrols as part of my position, ensuring there is no dangerous situations on site and nobody is put in any danger. The most rewarding part of my position is the opportunities it provides, I don't mind taking on new challenges and adding to my knowledge.
Merano Residences - Alain Gboga