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With over 10 years’ experience, Guardior is committed to providing the best service that the security industry has to offer. From everyday guarding to more specific measures, we will look after your staff, your guests and your premises.

Guardior is an ACS approved Contractor for the provision of security guarding services and it is vital to the success of our business that our professional team provide an excellent customer service. We recognize and understand that our guards are often the first point of contact for visitors to your premises; therefore, it is crucial that our workforce portray the right image and act professionally in a consistent manner.


Guardior supplies team members- not chosen for a position, but chosen for your position. We appreciate that our employees need to be more than just a provision that works for you- to be as effective as possible we need to work alongside you. At contract award, Guardior select a pool of staff that fit your criteria and you choose who fits best. From then on, it’s the level of supernumerary training that makes the real difference. Ongoing on-the-job coaching means that the officers continuously receive bespoke, site specific and relevant training designed in conjunction with you and us.

Only that way can you be confident the people guarding your premises are serious about what they do. Guardior is one of the leading security companies in the UK and has worked on some of the most prestigious events and projects with a vast experience in the security industry.


Case Studies

Manned Security

Perhaps the most critical aspect of any security plan is the security staff who implements it. Guardior typically undertake patrols, guard entrance points, and carry out security screening.

Through consultancy, we assess your existing provision and design a solution that is tailored to your specific needs. The solutions and services are customised to each site and situation based on the individual customer's needs and requirements.

Once on site, our officers will check your buildings inside and out. They can also strictly control access by only allowing authorised visitors to entre the premises. In addition, they'll react rapidly to help resolve any crime, fire or security related incidents in real-time.


Guardior officers ensure a customer focused approach to the security of your premises by integrating with your team to create a cultural fit with your working environment and ensure your buildings' needs are met.

We offer our employees high levels of management support enabling us to recruit and, more importantly, retain high quality security officers. Our policy of promotion from within coupled with our comprehensive training package, ensures that all Guardior employees have opportunities for career progression within our company.

Guardior is committed to the Security Industry Authority (SIA) Approved Contractor Scheme and as such operates with fully licensed staff.

Security Systems

We constantly seek to introduce new and imaginative approaches to helping you run your business better. Intelligent use of technology now allows us to combine tried and tested manned guarding presence with advanced technology to reduce overheads at the same time as improving levels of protection. Guardior offers full design, build and installation capability to create integrated security solutions, individually designed for every site or set of linked sites.

Guardior only partners with high-performing technology partners - those able to meet the high standards we require for installation and service. This ensures we have access to the latest in advanced technology without being tied to any specific supplier, so we are always able to recommend the systems solution that's right for your specific circumstances.

We can install, operate and maintain the following systems for long and short term contracts;

  • CCTV; installation and support
  • Access control; inclusive of biometrics, proximity, turnstiles and door entry remote monitoring
  • Active guard patrol systems
  • Automated vehicle barriers
  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) systems
  • Radio headsets
  • Ticketing solutions
  • Baggage and personnel screening
  • Intruder Detection System (IDS); inclusive of fibre-optic perimeter detection, thermal imaging and infra-red beam detection
  • Remote 3G patrolling systems
  • 24-hour control room


Front of House

When people step through your doors for the first time, it's vital you make the right impression. After all, the way you welcome visitors and employees speaks volumes about the quality of your organisation. So it makes sense to choose a team that knows how to leave everyone with the best possible impression of your business.

Guardior offers a specialist receptionist service to complement our manned guarding provision. Our receptionists are all trained to deliver a five star hotel style experience, with the majority being recruited from the hotel and airline industries.

Through excellent training and working conditions, we bring you the most effective, best presented front-of-house staff.

We offer bespoke services that include:

  • Reception and concierge
  • Switchboard and helpdesk
  • Chauffeurs and drivers
  • Mailroom clerks
  • Meeting room set-up (inclusive of security sweeps)


Guardior provides a solution that not only accurately reflects your brand image and culture but also impresses potential and existing clients and employees.

Alarm Response

Alarm Response enables your company to retain responsibility of premise keys whilst providing duty of care to your own designated key holder.

If an alarm is activated, one of our fully trained and licensed security officers will accompany your designated key holder to the premises. Once on site, the officer will carry out a security patrol looking for signs of an intrusion and take the necessary actions in accordance with Guardior and the client's preferred escalation procedures.

Alternatively, Guardior will act as primary key holder responding to security alarm activations; overcoming the inconvenience and potential risk that your own employees face.

Keys are held in a secure environment which is fully compliant with BS7984. In the event of alarm activation, a fully trained and licensed uniformed security officer will attend your premises (day or night) where they will carry out a security patrol of the premises, determine the cause of the alarm, report their findings to our 24 hour control room and implement the agreed and relevant escalation procedures.

These services enable us to hold keys securely and agree appropriate procedures in advance for entering your premises. Whatever time your business alarm is activated, we'll respond quickly to deal with the situation and to minimise any disturbance.

Our Alarm Response and Key Holding service can be delivered as a standalone function or in conjunction with other service offerings including Manned Guarding, Mobile Patrols, and Remote Monitoring.

Heathrow Terminal 2 Compound


June 2008 - 2013




Balfour Beatty / BAA

As part of the redevelopment of Terminal 2 at Heathrow, Guardior was contracted to secure the project compound adjacent to the airside taxi ways. The duration of the contract lasted 5 years and was successfully carried out by Guardior without any reported thefts or break-ins.

The contract included the management of the following aspects:

  • 24 hour security
  • Out of hours response
  • Access control
  • Permit parking
  • Accommodation security
  • Plant and materials management
  • Boundary patrols
  • Emergency procedures
  • Fire management

Guardior successfully secured, maintained and operated the site on behalf of Balfour Beatty until the completion of the project.

The project was infamously successful with the Balfour Beatty Works Manager Hugh O'Connell having this to say:

"Having Guardior on the Terminal 2 compound ensured that we could safely secure materials, plant and office accommodation in a restricted and sensitive area, that required constant monitoring and management.

They showed excellent diligence and response when required on a vital compound that was adjacent to airside areas and we had to ensure that nothing was stored within 3 meters of the compound fence. They were more than a security company on this project, they were a partnership."

Olympic Off Park Facilities


January 2011 - 2012




Olympic Delivery Authority

The Olympic contract was unique in terms of scale and complexity, but notwithstanding this, the Company was capable of fulfilling the contract efficiently and successfully. One of the largest challenges facing the Olympic Delivery Authority was the acceptance of large numbers of important assets from their owners. The monitoring and tracking of the security workforce, management information, the project management framework and practices were effective to address the scale, complexities and dependencies of the Olympic contract.

Guardior through the Munnelly Logistics package provided emergency response to the following:

  • Wembley Arena
  • Leigh Valley White Water Centre
  • Hadleigh Farm Mountain Biking
  • Greenwich Park etc.

The incidents ranged from leaks, to perimeter breaches, accidental alarm triggers, out of hours maintenance visits and other emergency preparedness requirements.

Through our 24 hour call center we managed to log and respond to all emergencies with the urgency required for some prestigious venues at areas all across the South East.

Philip Walker, Logistics Coordinator had the following to comment on the Gaurdior service:

“I recently employed Guardior on several projects in London for the Olympics, I was extremely impressed by the professionalism and quality of guard supplied.

These projects were highly sensitive and required the guards to work within live environments. Despite the difficult circumstances it is testimony to the standard of staff supplied that I received zero complaints from any of the venues.

The office staff offered a fantastic service and several times when guards were required at short notice they always delivered and nothing was too much trouble. I would not hesitate to use Guardior again on future projects.”

Birmingham Hospital


June 2006 - 2013




Birmingham University Hospitals

After successfully working on the redevelopment of the new Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Guardior was contracted to supply front of house security to the new Mental Health Facility on the campus. Guardior aims were to create a pro-security culture, whilst preventing security breaches as well as detecting and investigating security incidents.

The main priorities were tackling violence and abuse against staff and other professionals, and maintaining a safe environment for both staff and service users.

The services that were provided included but were not limited to;

  • 24 hour security
  • Out of hours response
  • Assisting patient queries
  • Meeting staff and visitors
  • Responding to incidents
  • Permit parking
  • Fire management
  • Interface with campus security
  • Emergency procedures

By the success of the Birmingham Hospital project, a partnership has been created that has resulted in Guardior being chosen to take on a further significant security project within the healthcare sector. A member of staff at Birmingham Hospital had the following to say:

“There is a consistently high standard of professionalism. I am repeatedly told how welcome everyone is made to feel, particularly external visitors”

Centre Parcs Woburn


January 2013 - March 2014




Centre Parcs

The new Centre Parcs in Woburn has seen the creation of a £240m facility including the construction of 625 accommodation villas, indoor and outdoor facilities, sub-tropical swimming complex, restaurants and a spa.

When reviewing the security of the project, Guardior quickly identified the biggest issue which was ensuring the safe access and egress of deliveries and staff into a site of over 375 acres but through one main entrance.

Guardior therefore created a delivery plaza for deliveries and personnel with an on line security vetting and induction procedure for workers coming to the site. All suppliers and personnel could be pre-loaded onto the access control system then vetted and issued all security passes so that they could gain access onto site through 6no. biometric turnstiles.

The project requirement was as follows:

  • Initial survey and planning
  • Production of security drawings and procedures
  • CCTV
  • Access control Full height turnstiles
  • Biometric hand readers
  • On line induction booking
  • Automated vehicle barriers

Guardior was awarded the contract on competitive tender.

“Of all the candidates, Guardior best met the set criteria. Guardior stood out for its approach, its solutions and understanding of the environment, all of which are in keeping with the ethos of Centre Parcs.”

Providence Tower

The Providence Tower is a 44-storey 136m high residential tower at New Providence Wharf, Blackwall, London.

Providence Tower, an exclusive Balfour Beatty project, is currently host to Guardior’s security services. Working alongside Guardior for the last couple of years, and involved with the head company since his early days in the industry, John Wagoli is now the Day Supervisor at Providence Tower.

As part of his daily role John is in charge of inductions, deliveries, and welcoming officials. Day Supervisor,  John Wagoli commented that he has learnt so much by working in the security and construction industry, especially with the fantastic partnerships he has been a part of - “… everyone is friendly and familiar around site, the team know and stick together…”. 

Royal Wharf

Royal Wharf is a prestigious development that will be comprised of homes, parks, shops, bars and a new high street - one of the major developments around the booming Royal Docks of London.

Guardior has the privilege of providing security services – such as 24hr manned security, Dog Handlers and security systems - to Royal Wharf, developed by Oxley and Ballymore.

One of the Guardior Security Guards at Royal Wharf is Sami Gebereyesus, who is involved with the authorisation of individual’s onto site and the overall security of the premises. He explained that the best part of being on this site in particular, including previous SIA training, is meeting the needs of the personnel and the client, and as for the Guardior management he praised “…they really look after us…”.

Guardior Redefines Security Service

Our latest addition to The Munnelly Group places a renewed focus on flexibility

The security industry is changing. Everything, from the way it is perceived to the manner in which it functions, is evolving so it is vital that we also keep pace with these developments if we are to remain competitive.

To this end, Munnelly Security has undergone a major re-branding recently and is now known as Guardior Security; which sports a new core identity and faces an advanced set of challenges.

Whilst we have been a key player in securing major projects all over the country for many years, Guardior will also be concentrating on expanding our corporate client base along with the provision of varied security support services including front of house, security systems, key-holding and mobile patrols.

Guardior will continue to protect the reputation of some of the biggest names in construction but, with a new sales team and an experienced operational group, we hope to build on this and establish ourselves as a real one-stop shop for all of our clients’ security needs.